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Plumbing-Related Signs You Need a Bathroom Remodel

Homeowners all have different priorities and ideas for their property, and remodeling projects might be considered for a variety of reasons. The bathroom is a good example: Some people remodel their bathroom for improved aesthetics and comfort, others do so for the fantastic ROI and increase to property value — and still others notice some of the specific signs their plumbing and related systems are giving them, and decide to act.

At My Buddy the Plumber, we should clarify right away that we aren’t remodeling professionals — however, we do offer a huge array of plumbing services, from emergency plumbing to many other themes, that make us experts on this important part of your home. And in many cases, issues we help you identify and remedy within your bathroom will often serve as key signs that it might be time to remodel the space. What are some of these signs as they relate to your bathroom plumbing, and how might remodeling help rid you of these issues if they keep showing up? Here’s a basic primer.

Rust All Over the Place

Rust is a form of corrosion, and its primary cause is water — either by way of standing water or even humidity that might install on your exterior walls and then enter the bathroom. It’s extremely corrosive, and if this is an issue you’re having then it might be time to tear out all of your old plumbing — especially anything made with galvanized metal.

Not only is rust an aesthetic issue, it poses potential danger in the form of lead poisoning if it’s allowed to travel through your pipes and into your water supply. Once you realize the signs, repair the problem right away by replacing everything with PVC or other plastic materials.

In addition to your actual visible plumbing components that may have rusted, it’s vital to consider the supply lines that run to and from your fixtures. If you have galvanized or other metal supply lines, it’s time to replace them with plastic — whether for safety reasons (rust and lead) or aesthetic ones (the appearance of old and new pipes side by side).

Dripping Water Fixtures

In certain cases of minor leaks from a single plumbing fixture, repairs might be the more economical path to take over completely redoing the bathroom. But if the drip has been persistent and seems to be spreading, it may be time for a full-scale overhaul of your lavatory or bathtub.

Possible signs that you need this type of repair include slow drainage issues or just worsening damage upon visual inspection at eye level. If you notice water stains or slow drainage, it might be as simple as tightening a connection and replacing some gaskets. But if you see obvious signs of rotting wood, water damage along the ceiling line, or even drywall patches that have been installed to counter damage from a persistent leak, then it’s time to consider tearing out these fixtures and starting from scratch.

Two fixtures that are especially prone to leaking: Showerheads and faucets. When these are getting older, and they’re not made with the highest quality materials, they can gradually develop leaks and drips that worsen over time.

Water Conservation Needs

In some other situations, you won’t have a specific area of damage within your bathroom — but you’ll simply be looking for ways to use less water, both in this specific room and throughout the home. We can help here, too.

The first consideration here for most homeowners will be water-saving fixtures or features, such as low-flow toilets and shower heads. If these are making minor differences, it might be time to look into switching from a one-flush toilet to a multi-flush system, or adding aerators to your existing fixtures.

This is one area where a common misconception often arises within a bathroom remodel: The idea that a remodel must include major changes to be considered as such. This isn’t true at all in many cases — swapping out all your faucet and showerheads for low-flow options is absolutely a bathroom remodel, and can be done in a cost-effective way.

The only other way to save water with your fixtures is to reduce overall demand by limiting the flow of water at its source. You may do this simply by turning off the faucet when brushing your teeth, shaving, or otherwise not actively involved in wetting something.

Upcoming Home Sale

Finally, another common precursor to a bathroom remodel that doesn’t necessarily speak to any issue with plumbing or related systems often comes up when you’re thinking of selling in the near future. Few remodeling types come with a higher average return on investment than bathrooms when it comes to home sales, and when you know a sale is looming on the horizon, taking the time to freshen up your bathroom’s appearance makes a lot of sense.

In particular, replacing older plumbing fixtures like toilets and sinks can bring out a lot of value in your home. You might be shocked at how much these simple jobs will raise your asking price — often by much more than what you actually pay for them to begin with. If you’re considering putting it on the market and simply need to know more, we’d love to help: Get in touch with us today!

For more on the plumbing issues that often signal it’s time to begin thinking about a bathroom remodel, or to learn about any of our plumbing or HVAC services, speak to the staff at My Buddy the Plumber today.

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