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Hire a Plumber for Bathroom Remodeling

Is it necessary to hire a plumber when you’re remodeling a bathroom?

Some of the more hardcore do-it-yourself homeowners say no. But if you’re not trained in plumbing and have no experience in the industry, you will likely save time and money (not to mention frustration) if you hire a plumber to help.

It Starts with Design

You need a bathroom makeover. Wouldn’t it be great to save money if you could?

According to HomeAdvisor, the average bathroom remodel costs $9,360. That price tag could easily rise if you aren’t conscious about where your plumbing lines are and the effort and supplies it takes to accommodate a major shift.

When you hire a plumber, they can give you a rough estimate on cost based on multiple designs, then you can pick the option that works best for your vision and your budget.

Demolition Isn’t Overly Destructive

Next on the lengthy list of ways plumbers can help with your bathroom remodel is the demolition stage. You may already have a plan for your remodeling project, and now you’re ready to swing the sledgehammer and knock out your outdated fixtures. Not so fast!

Plumbers know which pipes to save and which to tear out. They know how to help you preserve the fixtures that still work and which ones to trash. You’ll save money, and you’ll expend your energy where it matters.

Avoid the Plumbing Aisle at the Home Improvement Store

Have you ever walked down the plumbing supply aisle at your local home improvement store? It’s a maze of pipes and washers and tubes, and it can be confusing to identify the right type for your new bathroom.

Instead of wasting hours poring over plumbing how-to manuals, get an expert on your side. They can either supply the materials you need or they can tell you exactly what you need to buy. Either way, you’re saving a vast amount of time, and time is money!

Permit-Pulling Is Handled

When you hire a plumber, you’re relying on a practiced pro who has no problem submitting a quick permit request to the local building office. A task that may cause you confusion and stress is a cinch to your local plumber. They’ll go over their work with the inspector afterward as well, ensuring your new bathroom is up to code.

The Consequences of a Misstep Are Steep and Not Cheap

What could happen if you don’t hire a plumber and you try to go it alone?

  • Water damage: Installing plumbing the wrong way isn’t a simple “oops.” It can result in major water damage in your new bathroom, ruining thousands of dollars’ worth of work. Plus, you’ll have to do your plumbing all over again, the right way.
  • Sanitary issues: If you don’t install the drainage system correctly, it can make your bathroom unsanitary — don’t risk it.
  • Bathroom unavailable: Finally, if it takes you weeks or even months to learn how to install plumbing on your own, your bathroom won’t be available the whole time! That’s a major inconvenience.

Trust a Professional

Hire a plumber: My Buddy the Plumber. Our team can help you execute your gorgeous bathroom remodel without all the headaches that go along with trying to become a DIY plumber in one day. We can pull permits, offer advice on fixtures, help you with supply purchases and ultimately ensure your remodeled bathroom works as good as it looks. Call us today!

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We make sure to take care of your plumbing system with our professional touch. We get the job done fast and our prices are reasonable.

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