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Drain Cleaning in Tooele

My Buddy the Plumber Heating and Air provides fast and efficient drain cleaning services for customers throughout the Tooele, Utah, area.

The invention of plumbing in the 1600s was a marvel, and it allowed homes to more safely dispose of harmful byproducts. Think about everything that goes down your drain: human waste, food particles, soap, hair, dirt, bacteria and more. Eventually, this can cause your drains to start running slowly.

You may notice that by the time you’re finished with your shower, you’re standing in 2 inches of dirty water. If this water eventually drains from your bathtub, you may put off calling a plumber, thinking it can wait.

The same can happen with your kitchen and bathroom sinks. You may run the water to brush your teeth or wash dishes, and it starts to back up.

Drain Cleaning

What You Can (and Can’t) Do

Tooele, Utah, homeowners may try to deal with this problem on their own by using a plunger to dislodge the clog. This sometimes works if the pipe is completely blocked, but because a plunger works by using pressure, it is less effective on slow drains.

Many people turn to products found in the aisles of grocery stores to restore the flow to their drains. This can be dangerous for a number of reasons. First, these chemicals are dangerous to handle. If they splash on you, you can suffer a chemical burn. These products usually warn consumers to don heavy plastic gloves, goggles and other protective gear before using them, but sadly, many people do not follow this advice.

Secondly, if these products don’t work — and they often don’t — your pipes are now full of a caustic chemical. As it sits, it does damage to your pipes. Further, it’s an added danger for the plumber who arrives to take care of the problem.

Another tool homeowners use to unclog their pipes is a plumbing snake. This is much safer for your pipes. Unfortunately, the small residential snakes homeowners buy rarely work. They’re notoriously difficult to use, especially with convoluted toilet pipes. Another option is to rent a power snake from a hardware store, but these are heavy to transport and can be frustrating if you don’t have experience using them.

Rely on the Professionals

Your best course of action for drain cleaning in Tooele, Utah, is to call My Buddy the Plumber Heating and Air. Whether your drains are running slow or are thoroughly clogged, we will take care of the problem — safely and entirely. Often when homeowners take a DIY approach, they improve the situation somewhat without really rectifying it, so it recurs indefinitely.

The experts at My Buddy the Plumber Heating and Air have professional tools and years of experience to get your drains back in proper working order. Call us whenever you need drain cleaning.

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