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Rooter Service in Salt Lake City

Did you know that your home’s drains and sewer lines can get clogged by invasive tree roots? Between the growth of these roots, debris buildup, and corrosion, your sewer system might not be holding up to the elements. That’s why My Buddy the Plumber, your 24-hour plumber in Salt Lake City, offers rooter service so your home’s pipes and drains stay up and running.

The tiniest cracks in your sewage lines are where tree roots like to grow to get nutrients. Although this does not necessarily harm the pipes themselves right away, the roots can block the flow of water and waste in your sewer system, which can create problems. Additionally, if roots are left to grow in your sewer lines for too long, you risk the roots causing a break in your line that could be costly to fix — especially when compared to the cost of preventive rooter service.

When we provide rooter surface to your plumbing system, we use a drain-cleaning machine and other tools to unblock the system’s pipes. This involves snaking tools through the pipes and into the drains, running water through the system, and partially dismantling the plumbing system if need be to remove any debris that could be causing issues to your home’s plumbing. Although the name “rooter service” originally comes from the need to hire a plumber to excavate tree roots that are clogging up your plumbing system, our rooter service removes clogs of any kind.

For larger roots that are harder to excavate, we use powerful blades to cut through the roots and clear enough space in the pipe to prevent any more blockages. For the toughest jobs, root-killing pesticides and hydro-jetting may be in order. If some of your pipes are corroded, we can also repair them as needed.

To determine whether it’s time to get rooter service, take a look at the drainage in your home. If just one or two drains are clogged or slow-moving, that is likely an issue with the pipes in the individual appliance, not the entire system. The clog is most likely due to debris such as hair or food particles. In this case, you may still need a plumber to help you with this clog, but rooter service is not the solution. If you notice a widespread drainage issue in several different places throughout your home, however, that’s where rooter service comes in. Whether water is draining slowly, not draining at all, or getting backed up and leaking into your home, rooter service is likely the best solution to your problem. If you see any of these drainage issues, it’s best to call us right away to prevent untreated sewage backups that could potentially flood into your home, which not only makes a mess, but is highly unsafe.

Whenever you need rooter service, My Buddy the Plumber is your plumbing contractor in Salt Lake City that can help. Our expert technicians will be able to restore your plumbing system so that everything runs smoothly again.

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