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Tankless Water Heaters Installers in Ogden

If you’re considering installing tankless water heaters in your Ogden, Utah home, you’ve come to the right place. My Buddy the Plumber Heating & Air is the go-to expert for installation, repair and maintenance of these revolutionary water heating devices.

If you haven’t considered replacing your traditional model with tankless technology – or if you don’t know enough about the modern, water-saving marvels – it’s definitely worth looking into.

When you banish the tank, you’ll enjoy a variety of significant benefits, not the least of which is the money you will save on your household utility bills.

What Is a Tankless Water Heater?

Although the name goes a long way toward explaining these powerful little appliances, it helps to understand how the technology works.

In a traditional tank model, a large reservoir (typically 40-60 gallons or more in the residential setting) fills with water. Then, depending on the type of heater you have, a gas flame or electric heating element goes to work, raising the temperature of the entire tank to the desired level. When you use hot water, the unit refills and starts over again. If the temperature drops below the designated setpoint, the unit also starts heating all over again – even if you don’t use any hot water. But, if you empty that tank during your shower, guess what you have to wait for…

Tankless Water Heaters Installers in Ogden

Tankless models don’t have a reservoir. Instead, when you turn on the “hot” tap, water runs over super-heating elements and instantly delivers the perfect temperature water from the faucet. No waiting around for the hot water to arrive at the faucet and no wasted energy from heating water you aren’t currently using.

The Benefits of Going Tankless

Now that you understand how this technology works, you can imagine how much water and gas (or electricity) you can save. Not only is that great for the environment but imagine how much money you can save every month on your utility bills.

Tankless units also have a substantially longer lifespan than traditional water heaters and come with a much longer warranty (12 to 15 years as compared to 4 years with most tank units). They’re small too, requiring virtually no space to mount on the wall.

And, not only will you never have to wait for the hot water to arrive but you’ll never run out either. As long as the water is flowing through the unit, you can enjoy your hot shower.

Ogden’s Tankless Water Heater Experts

At My Buddy the Plumber Heating & Air, we love introducing our customers to this innovative technology. It improves comfort and convenience, saves you money and cuts down on the need for water heater repair and replacement – everybody wins!

We provide expert tankless installation, repair and maintenance. And, with our periodic maintenance services, you can extend the life of your heater even more.

Are you ready to consider going tankless? If so, contact My Buddy the Plumber Heating & Air today to schedule an appointment. We look forward to showing you all the benefits of installing a tankless water heater at your Ogden home.

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