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Does Your Furnace Turn Off and On Constantly?

When your furnace is turning off and on all the time instead of maintaining the temperature, this problem is known as short-cycling. When your furnace turns on or off more than eight times in an hour, it’s time to address the problem.

Why it’s Bad

A furnace that is this overactive can wreak havoc on your utility bill. It’s using more energy and likely accomplishing less. It’s the same reason you waste gas in stop-and-go traffic! It’s not a good use of resources.

Also, it wears down internal heating system components much faster. It can lead to premature breakdowns and higher repair costs over time.

What can you do? Below is a list of common reasons short-cycling could be an issue for your furnace, and their accompanying solutions.

Check the Air Filter

By far, the most common cause of this problem is a clogged air filter. When air can’t get into the furnace, the heat exchanger will overheat and cause the furnace to shut down to limit damage to the parts. Try to check your air filter once a month. Wash or replace your air filter to avoid this issue.

Clean the Blower Wheel

Another potential reason a heat exchanger overheats and shuts down is due to dirt and dust on the blower wheel. This can limit your furnace in how much air it can direct over the heat exchanger. Call a technician to clean the blower wheel and see if this makes a difference.

Unclog or Open Closed Vents

On the other end of the heating system, if the hot air the furnace creates is trapped, it can build up and also cause overheating and shutdown. Make sure there are no blockages in your ventilation system. Open any closed vents to ensure proper air intake and output.

Inspect the Thermostat

A faulty thermostat could be the root of the problem. It might be as simple as replacing the battery. On the other hand, you could need thermostat replacement. A qualified HVAC technician can tell the difference.

Review the Furnace’s Size

The furnace might simply be the wrong size. Furnaces that are too large for the square footage of the home commonly have this problem. Talk to your trusted heating system repair company for details.

My Buddy the Plumber wants to get your furnace to run like a dream! Call us when you need routine maintenance or an emergency fix. We are on the job!

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