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Benefits of Combining AC and Furnace Replacement

Most are familiar with the phrase “kill two birds with one stone” and its general metaphorical meaning, and this phrase often applies to the world of heating and air for homes or commercial buildings. The HVAC realm may present a few opportunities to handle multiple upkeep or repair areas at once, thereby saving you money and hassle.

At My Buddy the Plumber, our heating and air pros are here to tell you about one great example of this theme: Coordinating furnace and air conditioner installation at the same time. While there will be cases where doing this doesn’t make much sense, such as if one system is brand new and the other needs immediate replacement, there are also plenty of situations where combining both these major HVAC areas into one process can have a major benefit to you. Let’s go over a few of these benefits and why you might consider this dual change if both your systems are nearing the end of their lifespan.

Warranties and Saving Money

This kind of combination theme can be particularly valuable to you if both your AC and furnace are under a strong equipment warranty. In these cases, if one or both systems are having issues, replacing both can often be done for very little cost, or even no cost.

Now, things may get a bit more complex here if only one of these two areas is under warranty while the other isn’t. If a single part that’s used by both is causing the issue, the warranty may cover it. But if the issue involves combining a new technology with an older system, many warranties do not cover this. Our HVAC pros are happy to explain how warranties may impact your decision here.

Installation Savings

In the vast majority of cases, installing both a furnace and an AC unit together will be far more efficient than installing them separately – and you’ll see the benefits in your wallet. There may be cases where a complex HVAC system requires individual installations, but most modern systems today will work just fine for a dual installation, which can be done in much less combined time and for a lower fee.

Avoiding Compatibility Issues

Another big benefit of installing both these systems together is avoiding issues of compatibility. Certain components of the furnace and AC unit are shared, such as blowers and air handlers, and there are many systems out there designed specifically to match each other and work together in this way. If you avoid this kind of matching, though, your system will not be as efficient and may last years less than it should.

Boosting Home Value

Finally, did you realize HVAC systems play a major role in home value? Particularly if you’re thinking of selling anytime in the future, dual systems that were installed together and utilize modern technology will be highly attractive to potential buyers – much more so than mismatched systems that perhaps have improper components working together.

For more on why it can pay to replace your furnace and AC unit together, or to learn more about any of our plumbing or HVAC services, speak to the staff at My Buddy the Plumber today.

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