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Call us at
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Emergency Plumbing in Tooele

My Buddy the Plumber is your 24 hour plumber in Tooele that is equipped to respond to virtually any plumbing emergency. 365 days a year our experienced and friendly plumbers are on call in case you run into a plumbing problem that just can’t wait to be addressed. With My Buddy the Plumber, you can have peace of mind that you’ll never be stranded in the midst of a plumbing emergency.

Whether you’re new to renting or homeownership, or you’ve just been lucky enough to avoid plumbing emergencies thus far in your life, you may find yourself wondering what counts as a plumbing emergency. A clogged kitchen sink is not a plumbing emergency as much as it is an inconvenience. For issues like this one, give us a call during our regular business hours.

Emergency Plumbing

If you have an overflowing toilet, however, this would be a good reason to use our 24 hour emergency services. When a toilet is overflowing, this may cause untreated sewage to back up and enter your home or business. This sewage carries highly dangerous bacteria, such as E. coli and hepatitis A. This poses a danger to homeowners and other household members. For business owners, an overflowing toilet puts you at risk of liability for people getting sick. If your toilet is overflowing, give My Buddy the Plumber a call any time, day or night.

Another plumbing malfunction that would be considered an emergency is a leaking pipe. Although small, slow leaks might not seem like an emergency, they can do more damage to your home or business than you might think. Leaking pipes can cause water damage to the building the leak is in, as well as to any personal belongings or commercial merchandise. Not only that, but leaking pipes pose electrical safety risks as well. If the leak interacts with any exposed or loose wires or other electrical items, this can be highly dangerous.

The quickest and easiest way to prevent damage from leaks is to turn off the water in your home or business. However, most of us would not want to wait until business hours to have access to running water again. Whether you discover a leak at the beginning of a long weekend, Christmas Eve, or the night before you’re about to leave for a vacation, you don’t have to worry about changing your plans. Instead, you can call My Buddy the Plumber to get in touch with an emergency plumber in Tooele who’ll have the leak fixed and your water back on in no time.

A failing sump pump is another plumbing emergency that My Buddy the Plumber is more than happy to help with. Getting caught with a malfunctioning sump pump in a rainstorm is more than just an inconvenience. A sump pump is supposed to pump water away from your home or business during a rainstorm to prevent the basement from flooding. Without a functioning sump pump, you risk a flooded basement, and water damage is one of the more difficult (and expensive) types or damage to fix. If you notice that your basement is flooding and you think your sump pump might be malfunctioning, give us a call right away.

Because of our fast and friendly service, clients choose My Buddy the Plumber for plumbing services in Tooele.

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