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Smart Thermostats in Tooele

Tooele, Utah, homeowners want more control over the heating and cooling of their homes — that’s why they call My Buddy the Plumber Heating and Air to install smart thermostats.

Smart thermostats are revolutionary devices that make you feel more comfortable in your own home while saving you money at the same time. Miles ahead of digital programmable thermostats, smart thermostat can be controlled with your phone or other connected device.

Smart Thermostats

The Intuition of Smart Thermostats

Arguably, the best part about a smart thermostat is that is learns your preferences. (If only your family members could do this!) Once it knows what temperatures you prefer at what times, it can adjust the heating and cooling accordingly.

If your home is a new build with a sophisticated HVAC system, you may have the capability of getting your smart thermostat to work with it to keep some rooms warmer or cooler than other rooms. No one in the guest room most of the time? No need to heat or cool it. Hubby is always in shorts and a tee while wifey is bundled up in a Snuggie? A smart thermostat can take care of that (unless you’re in the same room — engineers are still working on that one).

Some thermostats come with a geofencing component that senses when you are home and when you are not, and adjusts the temperature accordingly.

Depending on what type of smart thermostat you choose, you may also get the added advantage of it being able to alert you to problems within your HVAC system. For instance, if it takes longer to heat or cool your home than usual, your smart thermostat can send you an email alerting you to the issue.

If you’re the forgetful sort and often leave the house without turning down the heat or A/C, you will be able to do it remotely when you have a smart thermostat. And if the cleaning lady is coming or your kids have a half day of school, you can adjust the temperature for just those hours of the day.

Count on My Buddy the Plumber Heating and Air

All these advantages and more are why My Buddy the Plumber Heating and Air recommends smart thermostats to its Tooele, Utah, customers. We have such a varied climate here along the Wasatch Front that we are constantly adjusting the temperatures in our homes.

Keeping your home at just the temperature you want, when you want, helps you save money. That’s what makes us happy here at My Buddy the Plumber Heating and Air — helping our clients keep more of their hard-earned income.

If you’re ready to save money and be more comfortable in your home, call My Buddy the Plumber Heating and Air today, and schedule a smart thermostat installation.

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