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Air Conditioning Repair in Tooele

Nobody wants to think about A/C repair. But when you think about how sad it would be if we didn’t have it, it seems like a more appealing idea. If you should ever need A/C repair, call on Tooele’s experts: My Buddy the Plumber Heating and Air. There are many types of air conditioning, but they all operate on the same principle: They remove hot air from your home and replace it with cool air. Whether you have a new or old central air conditioning system — or even if you have window units — you can call on My Buddy the Plumber Heating and Air to help when they aren’t working properly.
Air Conditioning Repair

What to Expect from Your A/C

A/C units can last more than a decade — if they’re properly maintained. It’s important to keep your A/C’s compressor and evaporator coils clean to avoid overtaxing the system. Most A/C units are housed outdoors, where they can collect lots of dust, dirt, leaves, grass clippings and pet dander. These can seriously clog up the system, causing other important parts to burn out.

That’s why it’s good to have your A/C unit checked and tuned up annually — preferably, just before the hot weather arrives. That’s when we can go through our maintenance checklist with your unit to be sure everything is in working order. If we find any parts or components that are worn, we either replace them or make a note to keep them in mind should future problems arise.

But, whether you perform rigorous maintenance on your A/C unit or not, you will likely eventually need A/C repairs, because sooner or later, something will break down.

That’s when you can count on My Buddy the Plumber Heating and Air.

Years of Experience

We have worked on hundreds of A/C systems throughout Tooele and the surrounding area over the years. Our vast knowledge and years of experience help us solve problems quickly.

Signs of trouble with your A/C unit include vents blowing warm air, vents blowing no air, compressor won’t turn on, compressor won’t turn off, system runs but home isn’t cool, home is cool but system is running loudly or making an unusual noise.

If you notice any of these signs, get in touch with My Buddy the Plumber Heating and Air right away. We’ll send a technician out to see what is wrong and make the necessary repairs.

My Buddy the Plumber Heating and Air is Here for You

You may not think an A/C on the fritz is not an emergency, but sometimes it is. If you have elderly residents in your household or people with lung or heart problems, it’s important to have a working A/C during the hot Tooele summers. You can call on us anytime for help — we are available 24/7.

Whenever you need A/C repair, maintenance or replacement, call the team at My Buddy the Plumber Heating and Air.

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