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Water Softener Installation in Provo

Scheduling your water softener installation with My Buddy the Plumber is the best way to deal with our naturally hard – and downright unpleasant – northern Utah water.

Do you constantly battle scale buildup on your shower walls and fight to unclog the shower head? Does your home’s water small awful and taste even worse? Do your water heater, dishwasher and washing machine need constant repair and too-frequent replacement?

When all signs point to “yes,” it’s time to give a call to My Buddy the Plumber Heating & Air. We are Provo’s leading experts in water softener installation, repair and maintenance and we’re here to help you overcome this unpleasant and potentially costly problem.

Water Softener Installation

Why You Need Water Softener Installation

In Provo and throughout northern Utah, our water contains substantial amounts of minerals like calcium and magnesium. This gives our water an unpleasant odor and an even worse taste.

In your plumbing system, these minerals cause scale buildup that can clog your pipes, corrode your faucets and shorten the life of your home appliances that use water (water heater, dishwasher, washing machine, ice maker).

But did you know that scale also builds up on your and your family members? It builds up on your skin, on your hair and also on your “clean” laundry. It also makes it nearly impossible to fully rinse away shampoo, laundry detergent and other types of soap.

When you install a softening system, you’ll instantly notice a healthier look and feel to your hair and skin. Your clothes will look and feel clean. You’ll reduce your soap and detergent use by about 50 percent (!) and you’ll substantially increase the life of your appliances, faucets and fixtures.

Servicing & Maintaining Your Water Softener

Many of our customers express hesitation about installing a softening system because they believe – mistakenly – that these systems require an excess of maintenance and service. Some customers tell us they’ve heard from friends that softeners can leak or rupture.

Relax. These urban legends may have been true decades ago but they don’t apply to today’s high-tech softeners.

In fact, today’s models are affordable, efficient and reliable. They don’t need any more repairing or maintenance than any other water-using appliance in your home. That said, you should plan on scheduling an annual tune-up and inspection, just as you do for your water heater. This makes good financial sense because it prolongs the life of the system and helps you avoid any surprise repair bills.

Water Softener Replacement

If you have an existing system that’s giving you trouble – or if you’ve been spending too much money on repairs of late – consider replacing it with a new system.

The rapid advancement of technology has given us systems that are superior in every way to those from just a few years ago. Today’s systems use an ion-exchange process which requires substantially less energy and waste almost no water.

Our team can recommend a whole-home system to meet your needs and your budget. You’ll extend the life of your appliances and your clothing. You’ll spend less money on detergent and shampoo, and you’ll never have to deal with smelly, hard water buildup on anything again.

Contact us today to learn more or to schedule your Provo water softener installation.

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