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Pipe Jetting in Provo

Pipe jetting – sometimes called hydro jetting – is the fastest and most effective way to shoot through even the most stubborn drain clogs. In Provo, Utah, My Buddy the Plumber Heating & Air is your go-to pipe jetting service expert.

Not only is this a highly efficient way to clear clogs and drain problems, but it is also safe and natural, using nothing but pressurized water to blast way whatever the hinderance may be.

Before you try a DIY approach to getting rid of your drain clogs and sewer blockages, contact My Buddy the Plumber. We are available 24 hours a day to provide the emergency plumbing, drain cleaning and pipe jetting services you need.

Pipe Jetting

Pipe Jetting – When Regular Drain Cleaning Just Won’t Get the Job Done

For minor drain clogs and those that are closer to the house, a standard auger (“pipe snake”) is usually effective for clearing the problem. However, for stubborn clogs and more serious issues – tree roots, rocks, foreign objects, etc. – hydro jetting may be in order.

Our technicians perform this service by shooting a highly pressurized stream of water through the system, using specialized equipment.

This state-of-the-art approach doesn’t just poke a hole in the problem. It actually blasts away any debris and buildup in the line, pushing it through and into the municipal sewer system. And, because this process uses nothing but water to get the job done, it’s safe for your plumbing system as well as the environment.

Your Provo Pipe Jetting Experts

The experts at My Buddy the Plumber Heating & Air have been providing expert service to our northern Utah clients for decades. We have the training and experience you want on the job when problems strike.

We know what matters most to you – quality workmanship, great customer service and fair, transparent pricing – and that’s what we deliver.

We stand behind our work because, as our many loyal customers already know, nothing is more important than your satisfaction.

Do You Need Pipe Jetting?

The best way to answer that question is to call on the expert technicians from My Buddy the Plumber.

We don’t break out the big (water) guns unless we know that regular drain cleaning methods won’t work. We can run a main line camera to establish the location and nature of problem also, if that becomes necessary.

Or, if you’re simply tired of slow-moving drains, hydro jetting is a sure-fire way to blast the years of accumulated crud off the inside of your drain lines and sewer pipes – safely, effectively and affordably.

As Provo’s preferred plumbing contractor, you can trust the My Buddy team to be there when you need help with any part of your plumbing system. From drain cleaning to new system installations, we have the experience and equipment to get the job done for you.

Contact us today to learn more or to schedule your Provo pipe jetting service appointment.

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