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Identifying Provo Spring Hose Bibb Issues

Identifying Provo Spring Hose Bibb Issues

For those who spend significant time outside working on their yard or garden during the spring and summer, the outdoor hose area is particularly important. And for virtually any homeowner, one particular component of the outdoor hose setup is important when it comes to basic post-winter maintenance: The hose bibb.

At My Buddy the Plumber, we’re happy to offer numerous plumbing services to all our clients in Provo and surrounding areas of Utah, including assistance with spring maintenance for numerous areas, such as the hose bibb. What exactly is the hose bibb, why is it important, and what are some of the potential winter issues that may have taken place in this area – issues any homeowner can identify using a very simple test. Here’s a primer on important factors to be aware of.

Winter and Hose Bibbs

In some circles, the hose bibb describes the entire outdoor faucet setup; for others, it specifically refers to the small faucet attachment that’s on the outer wall of your home, allowing for you to connect to a hose and provide water to several outdoor areas. Many homes have a single hose bibb outside, while some will have more than one in different areas.

And while most parts of your plumbing and water system are protected from the risks of cold temperatures during the winter due to being inside, the hose bibb area is an exception. Because it’s exposed to freezing Utah temperatures on a regular basis, it’s possible that some hose bibb models will crack during the winter, risking significant water loss or even water damage to important home areas, including your foundation. In addition, a leak or crack here might lead to mold formation, which is a health risk.

Luckily, a very simple test you can perform the first time you turn your water on in the spring will tell you whether you’re dealing with any leak or cracking concerns in the hose bibb, including in areas you can’t see.

Water Turn-On Steps

Here are some basics steps for identifying a hose bibb issue when you turn on your outdoor water:

  • Place your thumb, or even your entire hand, over the spigot opening of the bibb.
  • Turn your water on.
  • If your finger alone is enough to hold the water in without any trouble, you could be dealing with a crack or leak in the piping somewhere.

On the flip side, if the pressure is great enough that you can’t hold the water down with a single finger, it’s likely your system is functioning properly.

Repair or Replacement

If you note some potential leak issues, that’s when it’s time to call in our pros. There will be several hose bibb or related leak types that you won’t be able to see or repair without professional training, and you’d be risking both your safety and the quality of the repair if you attempted this. We’ll advise you on the most cost-effective remedy to remove any leak or water damage concerns before they grow.

For more on hose bibb issues and how to resolve them, or to learn about any of our plumbing or HVAC services in Provo, speak to the staff at My Buddy the Plumber today.

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