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Determining Optimal Home Temperature Based on Needs

Determining Optimal Home Temperature Based on Needs

At My Buddy the Plumber in Provo, we’re here to provide not only quality plumbing services to you and your family, but also a variety of HVAC contractor services as well. From heating or air conditioning repair to thermostat maintenance and upgrades, we’ll help ensure you and your family are comfortable through every season without running up a big utility bill in the process.

Different families and home spaces have differing needs for temperature maintenance, and we’re here to provide expertise in this area as well. With this in mind, let’s go over the optimal temperature ranges for several different potential purposes or occupants in a given home space.

Basic Daily Living

For your standard daily comings and goings within the home, the goal is to blend comfort and cost minimization. Generally speaking, we recommend shooting for 75-78 degrees Fahrenheit (used for the rest of this blog) during the summer, and roughly 68 degrees during the winter.

Achieving these temperatures includes more than just setting the thermostat, by the way. During the summer, for instance, you can use ceiling fans and curtains to keep the temperature cooler in your home without straining the HVAC system quite as much. You can also look to manage humidity in all seasons to get the desired temperature and feel.

Babies and Infants

If you have a newborn child or infant in the home, you’ll want to keep things in a slightly narrower range. Generally, newborns are best in moderately cooler temperatures, ranging from about 65 to 74 degrees in most cases. One tip here: Feel you baby’s ears and chest for an idea of whether they’re hot or cold, then adjust your temperature based on this.

Pet Considerations

If you have a standard dog or cat, there’s no need to depart from your normal temperature range in most cases. These animals are comfortable within this range, plus a much larger one in fact. If you have rarer pets like amphibians or fish, do some separate research on their temperature needs.

Sleeping Temperature

The National Sleep Foundation has long recommended that optimal human sleeping temperature be between 60 and 67 degrees. This is because body temperature drops during sleep as well.

Working and Productivity

Several bits of research have shown that proper temperature for maximum productivity is between 70 and 73 degrees. For those who work at home or just need to get some projects done one day, this is the range to use.


Finally, when you’re leaving the home for an extended period, you can be much more liberal with the temperature. During summer, you can turn your thermostat off in most cases, allowing the home to reach up into the high-80s at least. In the winter, we do recommend keeping your thermostat set to between 50 and 55 degrees – this is simply to avoid any freezing water or pipe cracking issues, but will also save you major costs by not forcing you to maintain the standard 68 degrees while you aren’t home.

For more on the ideal temperature in your home, or to learn about any of our plumbing or HVAC contractor services, speak to the staff at My Buddy the Plumber today.

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