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Call us at
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Plumbing and HVAC Contractor in Mapleton, Utah

For all Mapleton, Utah and surrounding residents who need help with plumbing, heating or air conditioning areas and want it to come from dependable local pros, My Buddy the Plumber should be your first call. Through our prompt response times, reliable service and dedication to building lasting relationships, we’ve helped numerous locals stay both safe and comfortable in their homes for an affordable rate.

When you call for professional service, you don’t want to deal with a nameless, faceless corporation. You want passionate local professionals who won’t rest until the job is done, and who will come back to help you upgrade and update your system as needed. And with our pros, that’s what you get.


Plumbing Needs Met

We can perform high-quality services in all of the following plumbing areas:

  • Basic plumbing inspections and maintenance: We’ll help you ensure your system is well-maintained and not susceptible to failure or worn down components.
  • Drains and sewer lines: Whether you’re dealing with regular drain clogs for unknown reasons, major sewer line issues due to tree root growth, or anything in between, we have the modern technology and trained professionals to clear the problem right up.
  • Water quality: Through the installation and maintenance of items like water filters, water softeners and even your home’s water heater, we ensure you and your family are only exposed to healthy, stable water.
  • Emergencies and water damage: In cases of plumbing emergencies, including those that cause significant damage, we’re on hand for immediate responsiveness to help mediate the issue right away.

Air Conditioning Services

Our air conditioning services include:

  • Tune-ups and inspections: Before the warm season each year, let our pros assess your cooling system and make sure it’s prepared for the summer. You’d be surprised how many future expenses you can limit by doing this every year.
  • Repairs: Many AC-related problems can be solved with a simple tweak or repair, and we’ll always prioritize this if possible.
  • Installations or retrofits: We can install new AC units when your old system has reached the end of its lifespan. We’re also here to provide new builds and retrofits for central air for homes that do not yet have it, and to help with new thermostat options, including smart thermostats.
  • Humidity: We can help you level out the dry Utah climate with a home humidifier.

Keeping You Warm

We can also help you with all these heating needs:

  • Furnace installation: Like AC units, furnaces will eventually wear down and require replacement to keep you and your family warm. We’ll help you identify the signs that it’s time, plus choose and install an efficient replacement.
  • Repairs and tune-ups: Let our experts care for your system so above installations are limited to very infrequent events.

For more on how we can help with any plumbing, air conditioning or heating areas in your Mapleton home, contact the pros at My Buddy the Plumber today.

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