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Call us at
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Water Heater Repair in Salt Lake City

My Buddy The Plumber Heating & Air won’t make you wait: We offer 24-hour water heater repair services so you’re not stuck with cold water longer than you have to be.

When your water heater gives out, it’s frustrating. But don’t despair! All you have to do is call My Buddy The Plumber Heating & Air and we’ll fix it fast.

Cold Showers? No Thanks.

Is there anything worse than a cold shower when you don’t want one? It’s not the best way to start your day. It’s also not helpful when you can’t properly wash your dishes or even your hands! Water heaters are an important part of your everyday life, but you might not even realize it until yours shuts down.

It’s a major inconvenience when your water heater won’t work, but let our team take a look. In many cases, we can affordably repair the appliance within hours — maybe even minutes.

Water Heater Repair

Signs Your Salt Lake City Home Needs Water Heater Repair

If all you feel is cold water coming out of the tap, it’s clear you need to call My Buddy The Plumber Heating & Air.

But other key indicators signal the need for repair. Maybe your water is still warming, but it’s just not getting quite as hot as it used to. Or maybe all of a sudden it’s scalding, and you haven’t even adjusted the temperature.

Perhaps the water heater is still working, but you notice a puddle on the floor beneath it. Or the hot water coming out of your tap is a rusty orange. Or the tank makes loud banging noises when you run the hot water. Are these issues repairable? We won’t know until we take a look.

Common Water Heater Problems We Can Fix

Some of the common problems we see from our Salt Lake City clients include thermostat malfunction, electrical component failure, thermocouple problems and more. Is your water heater hooked up right? Does it need replacement parts?

When you call us, we can answer these questions and provide fast repair, hopefully getting your water’s heat index up in a flash. If not, we provide other options, such as replacement.

Give Us a Call for Your Utah Home

Don’t wait — call My Buddy The Plumber Heating & Air today for the priority service you deserve. You should expect nothing but the best from our technicians. It’s what we pride ourselves on providing to each and every Salt Lake City home and business owner. Water heater repair is essential to your well-being, and we are here to see the project through to completion.

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