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Rooter Service in Ogden

It’s one thing to find that your bathroom sink is clogged with a bit of soap scum and hair. It’s quite another to have tree roots growing into important sewer pipes and causing plumbing problems throughout the house. My Buddy the Plumber is the plumbing company in Ogden, Utah that you can call to fix even the stubbornest of clogs.

Whether you’re experiencing repeat clogs, slow drains, or more widespread drainage issues, our rooter service can help. Rooter service gets its name from its original purpose — removing roots. Even the smallest cracks in an underground pipeline can fall victim to root growth. Roots grow into these cracks — made by debris buildup, corrosion, and other issues — to reach the nutrient-rich water inside. Not only do these roots create blockages in sewer systems, but if left to grow for too long, they can cause serious damage to the pipes.

Rooter Service in Ogden

Even before they are able to cause major damage that may be expensive to fix, however, pipes blocked by roots and other debris can cause sewage to back up in your sewer system and potentially leak into your home. From flooded basements to malfunctioning appliances to unhygienic leaks, the need for rooter service is one you do not want to ignore.

Luckily, our rooter service can help. When you hire My Buddy the Plumber for rooter service, we can remove most blockages, even if tree roots are not the problem. Our expert plumbers will snake tools through the problem areas in your sewer system, dismantling certain pipes as needed to remove larger clogs.

We have special drain cleaning machines, sometimes called rooters, to help unblock clogged pipes. The invention of rooters was revolutionary in the plumbing industry, and rooters have since developed to be more efficient and advanced. Today’s professional-grade drain cleaning machines are essentially mechanized drain snakes with long cables, at the end of which are rotating blades. Our expert plumbers will send the rooter into the pipes, where its blades will help cut through and remove debris that is blocking the pipes.

Not all clogs require rooter service, but the most important ones usually do. If your toilet is clogged, for example, it is most likely waste that is localized in the pipes leading to the toilet. You would probably not need rooter service to solve this issue. If several drains in a particular building are slow or stopped, however, this is a sign that the problem may lie deeper. In this case, rooter service is your best bet for getting your plumbing system back up and running.

At My Buddy the Plumber, we understand how important it is for our customers to get plumbing issues fixed quickly and correctly so they can get back to their busy lives. If something is amiss in your plumbing system and you think rooter service might be the answer, call My Buddy the Plumber, your go-to plumber in Ogden, Utah.

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