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Emergency Plumbing Services in Ogden

With routine maintenance from My Buddy the Plumber, your plumbing system stands a better chance when it comes to avoiding critical repairs. However, accidents happen, and we never want you to be stuck in an unsafe situation. That’s why My Buddy the Plumber is your 24 hour plumber on call year-round in Ogden, Utah.

Our 24 hour plumbing services are for emergencies, not regular maintenance or repairs. But how do you know what constitutes a plumbing emergency?

Emergency Plumbing Services in Ogden

An overflowing toilet is not something you should wait until business hours to get checked out. Leaving an overflowing toilet unattended over a night or holiday is more than just unhygienic — it’s also dangerous. When sewage backs into your home or business, it can bring in bacteria that causes serious illnesses, such as E. coli, hepatitis A, tetanus, and more. Whether you’re a homeowner concerned for your family or a business owner worried about liabilities, My Buddy the Plumber can help any time of day.

Burst pipes are another plumbing emergency, and repairs should not be put off. Leaks from burst pipes can cause flooding and serious water damage to your home, business, and/or belongings. The longer you wait to call about a burst pipe, the more expensive the repairs will be. Water damage restoration repairs are notoriously costly, and if left unattended for too long, a burst pipe can even force you to vacate your home temporarily. If there is a burst pipe in your home, it’s best to take action right away.

A malfunctioning sump pump can put you in a similar situation. A sump pump’s job is to prevent basements from flooding by pumping water out of the space during a rainstorm. If the sump pump fails in a storm, you risk flooding that could destroy belongings, cause water damage to the basement, and end up costing you a lot to fix.

Any time water is leaking into your space — whether caused by clogs, pipe bursts, or failed sump pumps — there is also the risk of the leak interacting with wires, sockets, and other sources of electricity that could get someone seriously hurt.

Another plumbing issue that can’t wait for business hours is a lack of access to running water. Whether you’re a homeowner or small business owner, the people in your space need water to use the bathroom, cook, drink, shower, and so much more. Water allows for safe waste disposal, so having no running water poses a safety hazard.

Having My Buddy the Plumber is your 24 hour plumber in Ogden, Utah that will end up saving you time, money, and needless anxiety. Our fast and friendly service ensures that whatever urgent matter is at hand will be resolved in a safe and professional manner.

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