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Ogden Plumbing Water Wasters: Running Water, Toilet

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the top wasters of water that might be present in your home’s plumbing system. Generally caused either by damage to system components or improper use or care by home occupants, these water-wasters risk not only a significant loss of water that will be reflected on your bill each month, but also water damage, mold formation and several related concerns.

At My Buddy the Plumber in Ogden, we’re happy to offer numerous plumbing services to stop any water-wasting themes taking place within your system, from drain cleaning to water heater repair and a number of others. What are some of the other top waster-wasting culprits we often help our clients identify, and how can you avoid issues arising in these areas? Here’s a primer.

Half-Full Loads

When running home appliances that use significant amounts of water, particularly the dishwasher and the laundry machine, you can take some very simple steps to avoid wasting water: Run full loads rather than half or other partial loads. This is especially true for your laundry machine, which will use similar amounts of water no matter how many clothes are inside it – and if you only use up half its clothing capacity, you’ll be wasting significant water.

With dishwashers, this might depend on how current your model is. Many newer dishwashers have lighter settings meant specifically for partial loads, in which case this sort of thing is okay – if yours is older and doesn’t have this mode, however, you should avoid partial loads.

Lawn Overwatering

It’s important to water your lawn through the year, especially during the hot Utah summer, but it’s important not to overdo this. One important theme: Schedule your watering or sprinklers for early in the morning, before the sun has fully come out and while the air is still cooler. This will lead to less evaporation, and will allow you to use less water while achieving the same level of grass health.

Running Water Themes

For any activity that involves standing near the sink, whether it’s doing the dishes, brushing your teeth or any other, it’s important to limit the running water. If you leave the water running for the entire two minutes you brush your teeth, for instance, you’ll be wasting gallons of water every day in a simply unnecessary manner. Look for opportunities to turn the water off in-between usage needs.

Toilet Age

Finally, is your toilet on the older side? If so, it’s probably using far more water than a low-flush or high-efficiency toilet, and if your water usage is higher than where you’d like it to be, this sort of upgrade is often ideal for remedying the issue.

For more on how to prevent water being wasted from your home’s plumbing system, or for more on any of our Ogden plumbing or HVAC services, speak to the staff at My Buddy the Plumber today.

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