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Furnace Repair in Salt Lake City

In Salt Lake City, My Buddy Heating & Air is the locally owned and operated furnace repair expert.

For decades, we have provided exceptional service to our northern Utah customers. We repair all brands and models of furnaces and HVAC system, always going the extra mile to ensure quality and value.

When the temperatures plummet, you rely on your heater to keep you and your family safe and comfortable. When something breaks and you’re left without heat, you could find yourself having to relocate in the middle of the night and facing a myriad of other problems.

Furnace repair service ensures your family doesn’t go another minute in a cold house during the chilly Utah winter. Having heat is a must — you can’t survive without it! My Buddy The Plumber Heating & Air recognizes the urgency when our Salt Lake City customers call us because of a furnace breakdown, and that’s why we offer 24-hour service for HVAC emergencies. 

When you put the heating system repair experts at My Buddy Heating & Air on speed dial, you’ll never have to worry about being left out in the cold.

Emergency Furnace Repair in Salt Lake City

When your heater goes out, prompt response is critical for your comfort and safety. Emergency furnace repair from the My Buddy team will get your system restored as quickly as possible, helping you avoid frozen pipes and other potential damage to your home.

Don’t be fooled by our name — we offer more than plumbing services. We are experienced in all aspects of furnace maintenance, repair and replacement. We can restore the warmth to your home fast.

Our experienced technicians are on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s simple to reach us, using our round-the-clock emergency repair request hotline. Our knowledgeable dispatchers will ask key questions about your system so that, once our techs arrive, they will already understand as much possible about your outage.

Our trucks are fully stocked with parts and equipment and, whenever possible, we endeavor to get your furnace up and working then and there.


Avoid Furnace Repair with Seasonal Maintenance

Although we will always be there when you need repairs done on your furnace, we prefer to see you on your schedule – with periodic maintenance and tune-ups.

Our seasonal maintenance service includes a full inspection of your furnace, to identify any potential issues that could grow into a problem. We perform a full tune-up, which may include testing the gas line pressure, lubricating all appropriate components, cleaning the pilot and testing the system. We check for leaks and look into any problems you may have experienced with your furnace.

Scheduling your tune-up every year will keep your heating system operating efficiently and help you avoid unexpected outages and furnace repair bills.

If you’re experiencing problems with your heating system – or if you want to avoid future problems – call My Buddy Heating & Air today to schedule furnace repair or maintenance in Salt Lake City.

Maintain Warranty Coverage on Your Utah Furnace

Keeping your home’s furnace in good repair is essential to protect warranty coverage. Your unit likely came with a manufacturer’s warranty, but it probably won’t stay valid unless you can prove you maintained the unit and contracted a professional to make all necessary repairs.

My Buddy The Plumber Heating & Air can help, whether you have a pilot light out or you need a few wires replaced. Call us and we will come to your home or business right away.

Depend on Local Furnace Repair & Heating Experts

Ultimately, our goal is to help you get the most value out of your furnace. When you can depend on a local contractor for effective furnace repair, you can extend the life span of your system. You can save thousands of dollars by making sure you aren’t forced to replace your furnace sooner than you should.

The My Buddy The Plumber Heating & Air team works to increase the efficiency of your unit, so you pay less in energy costs but get the performance you need to stay warm throughout the chilly Salt Lake City winters. Call us today for 24-hour furnace repair and maintenance. From minor problems to major issues, we are on the job!

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