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Can You Add Air Conditioning to Old Homes?

If you’re looking to add air conditioning to old homes, you’ll need to consider a couple of important factors.

When summer’s constant heat waves bombard your old swamp cooler, central air conditioning will keep looking better and better. However, an installation may take longer than you expect, especially if you own an old home with little duct space.

It’s important when choosing this route to consult with a heating and air conditioning specialist. They can help you avoid irreversible damages and roadblocks.

Below are three steps you’ll need to take to effectively add central air conditioning to your old home.

Can You Add Air Conditioning to Old Homes

1. Choose Your System

Before you even begin any remodeling, research the best available options.

You’ll want to look into different sizes and their outputs. Not every system is right for every house. If you go too big, you’ll end up paying extra. However, if you go too small, your system won’t be efficient enough to cool your house.

As a result, this may wear out your system faster. Your contractor will be able to help you determine the best size based on you, your family and your house.

2. Examine Your Ductwork

Installing air conditioning in older homes often sounds harder and more expensive than it is.

If you have good ductwork, it will be easy to add central A/C to your home. The challenge arises when the house doesn’t have any ducts.

This still won’t disqualify you from getting a new system. But it will mean that your contractors will need to spend more time with installation.

3. Talk with the Professionals

Unless you’re a professional air conditioning installation expert, we don’t advise trying to tackle this project yourself.

A contractor will be able to accomplish the installation faster and more safely. This helps you save money in the end because you won’t have to worry about making mistakes or having to redo sections.

Add Air Conditioning to Old Homes Today!

There is no point in suffering through the heat of summer when you can get a nice, refreshing air conditioning unit installed in just a couple of days. Adding air conditioning to old homes can feel like magic.

Our team here at My Buddy the Plumber can help you get set up with a whole new system. All you have to do is call! Contact us to schedule a free consultation about your next project.

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