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Kitchen Remodeling Plumbing Help

Kitchen remodeling plumbing assistance is a must. If you don’t have specialized training, years of experience and all the right licenses to back it up, don’t think you can take on a major kitchen remodeling plumbing project yourself — it’s impossible!

Makeshift plumbing jobs put your kitchen at risk of pipe leaks and water damage. Plus, you may not be in compliance with local building code. Both of these risks can create the need for costly repairs, so it’s important your kitchen remodel is done right the first time, especially when it comes to plumbing.

Get the Right Permits First

Do you need a permit to replace a sink? What about if you’re moving your dishwasher? It’s not easy to play the guessing game of “which home renovation task do I need a permit for?” But you can take the guesswork out of it if you depend on a professional plumber.

A local pro has the experience to give you a straight answer on your permit requirements. They’ll even visit the building office to get the permit for you! It helps to have an experienced plumber on your side throughout the permitting process.

Choose the Most Efficient Layout and Machines

Don’t choose a new kitchen layout without first consulting your plumber. They will take a look at where the pipes are and help you understand the costs involved with each layout option. Since they’ve observed quite a few kitchen remodels, they can also give you advice on where to put your appliances and your sink in order to make your kitchen easy to move around and work in.

If you’re replacing your appliances, they can also help you decide on the right machines for the job. They know which makes and models are most dependable, and this advice is invaluable in minimizing breakdowns in the future.

Get the Piping Right

Moving appliances that require a water line, such as a refrigerator with a water dispenser, or a water and waste line such as a dishwasher, is a complex job. Your plumber will install pipes securely and position them to make appliance hookup easy. They can manage that job for you too.

Make Sure Your Sink Works

It’s important to make sure your sink is installed before your countertops. This ensures it’s in the right place and fits the plumbing lines, preventing the need to cut into the cabinets to move the pipes later.

Get Help from the Pros

My Buddy the Plumber works magic in the kitchen. We help you set up the right remodel layout. We run all the necessary water and waste lines. We also make sure you’re in compliance with the local building codes.

Trust our team for kitchen remodeling plumbing help, and together we will get your renovation finished on time and on budget! Call us today to discuss your project.

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The My Buddy the Plumber’s Club is our comprehensive maintenance membership program that will protect your home comfort systems! From an in-depth home plumbing inspection to thorough furnace and air conditioning tune-ups, the club does it all. Our team will ensure your HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems are running safely and in top shape. Joining our club can also provide plenty of exclusive perks, such as:

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