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Heating Bill too High? Here Are 6 Ways to Lower It. 

Is lowering your heating bill near the top of your New Year’s resolutions list?

By the time January comes around, many Utah homeowners are feeling the strain on their wallet.

We have a list of tips for you to follow that starts with assessing your heating system’s efficiency as well as inspecting a few other areas of the home.

Heating Bill too High

Find an Optimal Indoor Temperature

You may have tried to save money by turning down the heat, but if you get too cold and find you just have to turn it up again, you aren’t getting anywhere. It’s best to find the lowest temperature at which you and your family will be comfortable, and stick to it. Even adjusting your thermostat by one or two degrees can add up to substantial savings over time.

Your furnace will have an easier job maintaining one constant temperature instead of working with lots of changes, and it will use less energy.

Invest in a Programmable Thermostat

Next, get a programmable thermostat that will align with your goals and help your system better maintain this optimal temperature. There are plenty of modern options that use technology to achieve energy efficiency goals and keep your bills low.

Get Furnace Maintenance

Another top reason your furnace might not be working as efficiently as you’d like is because of a lack of maintenance. Regular cleaning is essential to keep it operating at peak performance. Change the filter and hire a technician to inspect the internal components and ensure no other repairs are needed.

Lower Water Heater Temperature

Just like your interior temperature and thermostat settings, lowering your water heater temperature by just a few degrees can make a difference in cost over time.

Clean Ductwork

Cleaning out your air ducts will also help energy efficiency. When your ventilation system is clean, warm air flows better throughout your home.

Use Window Treatments

Do you frequently feel a draft when you are near a window in your home? Invest in window treatments that look good, but that pay for themselves by offering an additional layer of insulation between the room and the windowpane.

When you need furnace maintenance and repair, you know who to call: My Buddy the Plumber. We can help you keep your heating system functioning well and lower your heating bill in the process.

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