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Common Reasons for HVAC Service Calls

As the term itself suggestions, HVAC technicians wear a number of hats as they serve home and business owners. HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning – all similar areas that relate in important ways, but that all also have some general differences that require varying skills and solutions.

At My Buddy Heating and Air, we're happy to offer a comprehensive range of HVAC services, ranging from furnace repair and heating assistance to AC repair, smart thermostat installation and numerous others in between. What are some of the most common service calls we get as Utah's top HVAC service professionals, and why are these areas often best left to our technicians? Here's a brief primer.

Common Reasons for HVAC Service Calls

Thermostat Concerns

One of the single most common call types we get throughout the year, and with good reason, is for thermostats that aren't working as they should. The simple reason why these calls are so common: Many thermostat issues are due to concerns that homeowners simply won't be able to remedy, even if they're relatively handy.

Now, there are a few basic thermostat malfunctions you might be able to work your way through, including changing the comfort mode or replacing old batteries that have worn down. However, if these and basic troubleshooting methods don't do the trick, chances are there's a malfunctioning wire, dust buildup or some other kind of issue taking place within the thermostat's interior or wiring – and this will require the service of a professional to remedy safety and efficiently.

Condensate and Leaks

Both heating and cooling equipment items produce what's known as condensate, or bits of liquid that build up over time. If there are any issues with pipes or the lines that run to and from these areas, you may deal with leaks of this condensate – and these, in turn, will compromise the HVAC system.

If you notice these leaks in any setting, contact our pros right away. We'll identify the source of the water leaks and offer you ideal solutions based on the situation before it grows into a more concerning one.

Unusual Sounds

In other cases, we get service calls for strange sounds coming from your boiler, heat pump, air conditioner or another HVAC system. These sounds may include rattling, squealing or banging – all of which might indicate that something is loose within the HVAC system, or that a component is clogged with debris and isn't functioning in the way it should. These issues also risk sudden shutdown of the system in many cases, so call our team right away if you hear a strange sound more than once from your HVAC system.

For more on the most common kinds of HVAC service calls we get, or to learn about any of our heating and cooling services, speak to the staff at My Buddy Heating and Air today.

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