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A Water Softener Makes Appliances Last Longer

A water softener removes minerals from water before it runs through your appliances, limiting the damage scale buildup can cause. In fact, a water softener can double the life of some of your appliances.

Hard water isn’t dangerous, but it can cost you thousands of dollars over time. Save money by investing in a softener up front, then enjoy trouble-free appliances for the next decade or two.

water softener

What’s the Big Deal with Hard Water?

What makes water “hard”? As water travels through pipes, it can pick up extra minerals like calcium, magnesium and iron. Water with a high mineral or metal count is deemed “hard,” and even though it’s safe to use and consume, the mineral deposits left behind in your appliances cause premature problems, breakdowns and failure.

How Does it Work?

A water softener is an ion exchanger. It’s designed to filter the water and remove positively charged ions through a chemical reaction. Not only does it prevent future scaling, it can remove the buildup already interfering with your plumbing. It provides a range of everyday and long-term benefits.

Keep Your Appliances Functioning

Consider how much you spent to replace your dishwasher, water heater or washing machine. So many of your expensive appliances use water. If they’re drawing on hard water sources, mineral deposits will drastically reduce their life spans. From ice makers to coffee machines, a softener helps extend life and prevent breakdowns.

Get Rid of Dingy Film

Not only do the appliances last longer with a water softener, they clean better too. Your dishes will come out of the dishwasher shiny — they won’t be dull or filmy any longer. Your clothes will feel and look cleaner. The colors will be brighter and the fabrics won’t wear out as quickly.

Don’t Forget Personal Cleanliness

A softener helps you clean yourself too! It will take less soap to clean your hands and less shampoo to wash your hair. And when you’re through washing, your hands will be smooth and your hair will be glossy.

Save Money!

When you’re analyzing your household bills, saving energy is the best way to save money. Invest in a machine that allows your appliances to run more efficiently.

Without scale buildup, it takes less water to achieve cleanliness, you save energy and your bills are lower. Plus, when you don’t have to shell out thousands of dollars to replace your appliances before their time, your budget stays constant.

Go for It

A softener can offer you all of these benefits — you just need professional installation. Call My Buddy the Plumber today to set up an appointment, or simply get a free quote on the cost of installing a water softener in your home.

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