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4 Signs of A/C Failure and What to Do

Can you spot the signs of potential A/C failure before the entire system shuts down and leaves you dripping in a pool of sweat?

4 signs of ac failure

If you notice any of the situations below, you could be headed straight for A/C failure. Call My Buddy the Plumber for service before these problems become an emergency.

Restricted Airflow from A/C Vents

Never think restricted airflow is normal; it’s a potential sign of A/C failure due to a declining compressor.

An A/C’s compressor is the heart of the operational system, similar to the engine in your vehicle. If it’s not running right, you will see negative side effects leading to additional problems. Restricted airflow is the first sign the compressor might be weakening, indicating it’s time to call a technician for an assessment.

Consistent Refrigerant Leaks

Any moisture coming from an A/C unit is cause for concern, but if the moisture is refrigerant, a quick repair response is vital. If the refrigerant lines are leaking, then the compressor needs to work even harder to achieve the level of cool the thermostat demands. This can lead to overheating.

In the most serious of cases, when it’s difficult or impossible to fully track down refrigerant leaks, A/C failure could be a real risk.

A Rumbling or Rattling Noise

When the A/C unit is rattling or rumbling, the issue could be the compressor. The internal compressor motor mounts may have loosened, allowing the motor to move around inside, which could be causing the racket. This is critical to repair right away, before the motor components suffer catastrophic damage.

Circuit Breaker Trips Repeatedly

The purpose of the circuit breaker is to protect your home systems and wiring from the electrical current flow that is too high. If the A/C unit is tripping the circuit breaker repeatedly, it’s clear that the unit is overheating, using too much power and putting the entire unit at risk. When this problem happens over and over, don’t just reset the breaker. Call an HVAC pro, because this issue can easily lead to A/C failure if it’s not repaired promptly.

Do You Need Assistance?

When you fear A/C failure is imminent, call My Buddy the Plumber. We can quickly diagnose and solve issues related to all aspects of your air conditioning unit. Call today and explain the problem — we’ll get you on our schedule, stat!

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