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Should You Repair or Replace Your A/C Unit?

March 30, 2018
Should You Repair or Replace Your A/C Unit?

When it’s time to replace your A/C unit, you’ll know it, right? Actually, this is one of the harder decisions homeowners have to make. When your unit malfunctions and the repairs start adding up, it might seem like a simple choice — just replace it. But in reality, once you’ve spent a certain amount on repairs, it can be […]

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March 28, 2018
4 Signs of A/C Failure and What to Do

Can you spot the signs of potential A/C failure before the entire system shuts down and leaves you dripping in a pool of sweat? If you notice any of the situations below, you could be headed straight for A/C failure. Call My Buddy the Plumber for service before these problems become an emergency. Restricted Airflow from […]

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March 20, 2018
Duct Cleaning Do’s and Don’ts

Duct cleaning is vital to your health and comfort. Professionals recommend you have it done every five years, or sooner if you smell an odor or have another problem in your ducts before then. But should you take on a duct-cleaning project yourself or hire a contractor to help? Below is a quick list of what every homeowner should […]

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March 19, 2018
Proactive Air Conditioning Service Can Save You Money

It’s smart to schedule air conditioning service before you need it. What does that mean? Well, when your air conditioning breaks down and refuses to be revived and it’s the hottest afternoon of the year, you need air conditioning service. However, when every component appears to function fine but you simply haven’t had it serviced since last year, it’s not on your […]

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March 13, 2018
Is a Gas or Electric Furnace Better for Your Home?

You may have to select either a gas or electric furnace when you’re upgrading your system or starting a new build. Which type of heating system you choose is important to your future comfort and the value of your home. Which type of fuel works the best and costs the least? We can help you understand how both gas and […]

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March 6, 2018
HVAC Zones Can Make Your Home More Efficient

Does your home have HVAC zones? If not, you’re paying more than you have to for heating and cooling. You also might find that you’re always adjusting the thermostat because you can never maintain your comfort level. The solution? HVAC zones. How They Work HVAC zones allow you to control the temperature in specific areas of your home. For example, the finished basement […]

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March 3, 2018
5 Reasons You Need a Spring HVAC Tuneup

An HVAC tuneup might not be a service you think about scheduling — until your air conditioning calls it quits when the summer is in full swing. Many homeowners forget about preventive, regular service for major home systems, or simply don’t make it a priority. What you don’t realize is that this is similar to neglecting to change the […]

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